Our Factory use latest technology equipment and machines

Foundry Shop

  • Melting: 2 Electric Induction Furnaces having capacity 500 Kg, and 3 Tonne.
  • Moulding line: Disamatic High pressure moulding line (MK-II), 2 ARPA 350 simultaneous jolt squeeze machine, and 4 jolt squeeze machines.
  • Sand plant: Mechanized Sand plant with a capacity of 10 tons/ hr.
  • Core shop: 2 shell core shooters.
  • Short Blasting: 4 Short blasting machines.
  • Fettling: Well equipped fettling shop with grinders, straight cutters and hand grinders.
  • Paint shop: Spray painting

Machine Shop And Tool Rooms

Our Machine shop is prepared for machining of any type of production work. Our machine shop is equipped with a chain of many latest machines like

  • Lath Machines
  • Drilling Machines
  • Milling Machines
  • Boring Machines
  • Houning Machines
  • C.N.C Machines
  • S.P.M. Machines
  • V.M.C Machines

Forging Shop

Arbariya Steels is the manufacturer and exporter of Quality forgings for Engineering, Automobile, Electrical and Construction Industries.
We have Latest Technology and equipments for manufacturing Quality close dye forgings.

  • Heating- Natural gas fired batch type furnace.
  • Forging- 1 ton drop forged hammer.
  • Tempering and heat treatment- Electric heat treatment furnace.
  • Testing- Chemical, Physical, Metallurgical, and Radiographic testing.
  • Production capacity- 2000 MT per annum.
  • Forging Weight- 50 Gms to 2 Kg
  • Forging thickness- 4 mm to 50 mm
  • Dye making- Complete tool room equipped with all necessary machines and measurement instruments.

Metal Pressing And Fabrication

Our sheet metal shop is equipped with latest machines for producing sheet metal components.
Hydraulic Presses And Power Presses:

  • 150 Tons
  • 100 Tons
  • 75 Tons
  • 50 Tons
  • 30 Tons
  • 20 Tons

Our Fabrication shop is also equipped with MIG welding machines, Projection welding machines, Electric welding machines, Thread rolling machines, and Hydraulic Sharing machines.

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