SF1 Quality Test Report
Swivel Coupler (Pressed Sheet Metal) Connects Two Scaffold Tubes in Any Angle, Galvanized 


 Double coupler/right Angle coupler (Pressed sheet metal), Connets two scaffold tubes in 90* angle


Girder Coupler/Beam Clamp, This Coupler Grips Any Flenge Upto 45mm Thickness and secure Coupling of Scaffolding Tubes and Complies with The Requirement of BS: 1139  


SF4  Quality Test Report
Joint Pin (Pressed Sheet Metal), Galvanized for Internal Joining of Two Scaffold Tubes end to end.

SF5  Quality Test Report
Sleeve Coupler, For External Joining of Two Tubes End-to-End and Compiles with The Requirement of BS:1139, Galvanized.



Cast joint pin for internal joining of two Scaffold Tubes for Heavy Load (Material Ductile Iron) Galvanized.


SF7 Quality Test Report 
Drop Forged Putlog Coupler for Connecting Putlogs and Transom Tubes to Ledger Tubes and GuardRails to Standards and Complies with the Requirement of BS:1139, Galvanised.


SF8  Quality Test Report
drop forged double coupler/ right angle, A one piece load bearing fitting with captive tee bolts used for connecting two Scaffold Tubes at Right Angle And Complies with the Requirement of BS : 1139, Galvanized.


SF9  Quality Test Report
Drop Forged Swivel Coupler, A Two piece Rotating Fitting With Captive Tee bolts Used For Connecting Two Scaffold tubes at Any angle and Complies with the Requirement of BS : 1139, Galvanized.