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Arbariya steels are the Manufacturer and exporters of quality Castings for Engineering, Automobile, Electrical and Construction Industries. We have a Mechanized Iron Casting Foundry at Agra  in India equipped with automatic disamatic moulding line  (MK-2), Induction melting  furnace and electric heat treatment furnace. We are producing various type of castings in Malleable Iron , S.G. Iron (Ductile Iron)  and steel.
We are exporting these castings to many reputed manufacturers in Europe and U.S.A. We use under mention process for manufacturing quality castings in our foundry.   


  • By Electrical Induction  melting furnace


  • Green Sand (Clay Bounded)
  • Shell Moulding
  • Centrifugal  Casting (Permanent Mould)


  • Hot Box Process
  • Co2 Process
  • No Bake Process


  • By Electric Heat Treatment Furnace


  • Chemical  Testing Lab
  • Physical  Testing Lab
  • Metallurgical Testing Lab
Our Strengths -

PRODUCTION CAPACITY  4800 Tons per year.   

CASTING WEIGHT 50 Gms. To  10 Kgs.   

CASTING THICKNESS 4  mm. To 50 mm.   

PATTERN MAKING Metallic and Resin Pattern Manufacturing Facilities.

MACHINING   Complete Machine Shop for Machining of Casting.

QUALITY CERTIFICATION   Already in the process with TUV (Germany).



Regd. Office 28/287, Gudri Mansoor Khan, Agra- 282003 (India)

Phone : 91-562-365423 Fax : 91-562-263225 & 91-562-365423

E-mail : arbariya@sancharnet.in  URL : www.arbariya.com