Arbariya Metriform is the leading formwork system for the construction of concrete floors and walls. Minimal assembly and dismantling time coupled with a limited number of components highlight today's most cost-effective system. Arbariya Metriform incorporates the advantages of early striking (enabling early removal of formwork beams and panels while R.C.C. slab remains supported on props with drop-heads) which will dramatically increase output, whilst employing less labour more efficiently.

Metriform system can be used with Arbariya Props for concreting of slabs at ordinary heights, or with Arbariya CUPLOK scaffolding for greater heights.

Standard Metriform Beams are available in 2.5,1.8 and 1.2 m sizes making this system suitable for different grids. Use of special 1.8m beams for support of beam soffit can allow early removal of even beam bottom formwork. 
70 mm deep Metriform Universal Panels and Adjuster Panels are manufactured out of 2 mm (14g) sheets with pressed flanges and stiffner. 

Arbariya Metriform is also made available in a range of specially designed Metriform Beams & Dropheads, which is compatible for use with conventional 38 mm deep Floor/Slab Forms.


Manufactured out of 14 gauge sheets with pressed flanges and stiffner. Available in standard sizes of 1150x600, 900x600, 1150x300 & 900x300 mm. Other sizes available on request Floor/Slab Form Adjusters eliminate use of cut pieces of timber, as these can fill up odd shapes of slab. 

Available in standard sizes of 1150 x 400,900 x 400 and 600 x 400 mm.


Ideally suited for a wide range of column sizes, and are usable with both steel and timber shuttering. These clamps have no loose parts. Further interchangeability of arms of different sizes of column clamps makes them extremely versatile. 

Size No Distance between inside of Opposite arms.
Min. mm Max. mm
1. 300 765
2. 450 1070
3. 650 1370


Size Range, Min m Max m
ESO + ESI 1.75 2.70
ESO + SI 2.35 3.40
SO + ESI 2.40 3.45
SO + SI 2.46 4.15
SO + LI 3.05 4.75
LO + SI 3.15 4.90
LO + LI 3.15 5.50


Slab Thickness     

  Allowable span for centre line spacing 
(Total load incl. 180 kg/sq.m.for shuttering + live load) 300mm 600 mm 900mm 1150 mm
100 8000 5630 4600 4000
115 7800 5500 4450 3850
125 7550 5300 4300 3750
150 7100 5000 4050 3550
180 6700 4750 3850 3350
200 6400 4500 3650 3200
250 5900 4100 3350 2800
300 5450 3700 3150 2450


Arbariya Adjustable Hanger Bracket is ideally suited for all adjustable spans / floor centres, eliminating the need for Props, and enabling soffits to be cast level with top of all without wall pockets or packing. 
To be used for solid (225 mm minimum) load bearing walls capable of supporting the vertical dead-load under the tongue without crushing, and also approx. 180 kg horizontal reaction on the lower pad. Safe working load 1000 kg.


Fastest method of clamping beam formwork and casings, Arbariya Beam clamps are suitable for use with both steel and timber shuttering. 

Interchangeability of arms ensures maximum versatality. Sizes suitable upto beam width of 800 mm available. 

BSL Adjustable Beam Clamps are designed to be used on the side of the beam supports, and can be removed within 48 hours of concreting.


  • The most advanced and versatile arrangement of its type for wallform shutterinq, Heavy Duty (J4) Soldier Arrangement is suitable for use for any pour height up to 4.5m.

  • Modular construction of soldiers in Metric sizes.
  • High strength connection between soldier lengths.
  • Can be crane-handled.
  • Accessories like plumbing foot, stabilizer & walk-way brackets available.
  • Possibility of fixing ties at any location along height.
  • Compatible for use with Arbariya Universal Panel, conventional steel panels & plyfaced shuttering.
  • Compatible with Arbariya Heavy Duty Tie System with loading capacity ranging upto 5T per Tie.
  • Highly adaptable for different shapes of walls.


Omeqa Soldiers have been designed to enable use of Metriform Universal Steel Panels as wallform shuttering, suitable for a maximum pour height of 1.5m. Flexibility f the use of Metriform Panels horizontally (for straioht walls etc..) or vertically ( for circular versatile. Omega Soldiers are provided in lengths of 1.8 m & 1.2m with a provision to join them together to attain a maximum soldier height of 3.0m.

Omega Soldiers can also be used with plyfaced shuttering.

Consists of wall form panels made out of 12 gauges Sheet and M.S. Angle/Flat Frame, Channel/Heavy Duty Soldiers, Tubular/Channel walers & accessories. Panels supplied in 1.25m & Soldiers in 2.5m heights. For curved walls flexible panels are used, and heavy duty soldiers to be used in place of channel soldiers for single sided shuttering. 

Double Adjuster Panel, Splay Panel, Internal Corner Panel, External Corner Angle and Lap Angle etc., as also wallform accessories like ingle clip. Double clip, Bridge clip. Assembly bolt and wedge /clip etc. are used for various applications of conventional allform shuttering.


Consist of wallform panels made out of 12 gauge sheet and M.S.Angle/flat Frame, channel/heavy Duty Soliders,Tubular/channel walar & accessories. Panels supplied in 1.25m & soliders in 2.5m height. For curved walls flaxible panels are used and heavy duty solider to be used in place of channal soliders for single sided shuttering.
Double Adjuster panel, splay Panal, Internal Corner Panal, External Corner Angle and lap Angle etc. as also wallform accessories like single clip, double clip, Bridge clip, Assembly bolt and wedge / clip etc. are used for various application of conventional wallform shuttering.